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JULY 2008 Press Release

UN70 series “SWIFT LOAD - NEVER SPLIT” Nylon heads for Brush Cutters and Trimmers.

Proulx Mfg Inc launches innovative range of brush cutting heads.

The UN70 series from Proulx enables the user to remove line from the spool WITHOUT splitting the head at all!

In addition the nylon line can be loaded onto the spool in 3 different ways. Quick. Simple. Easy.

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JULY 2005 Press Release


Proulx Mfg launched their new range of patented SWIFT LOAD trimmer heads for the petrol brush cutter market for distribution in 2005.

Based upon the two leading high speed grass cutting heads from Proulx Mfg, the SWIFT LOAD Universal Manual and Semi Matic heads offer a new concept in head design.

Tests carried out have found that the SWIFT LOAD can be rewound in about 45 seconds, which is generally accepted to be at least a third of the time taken by experienced operators.

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JULY 2005 Press Release

NEW ULTRA QUIET nylon line

The Ultra Quiet meets the industry requirements to address both the environmental aspects of noise pollution and reduction as well as heath and safety issues for the operator.

The unique design of the Ultra Quiet reduces the high frequency noise associated with the traditional profiles used within the industry. This is achieved by the spiral effect that greatly improves the coefficient of penetration of the cutting line through the air. This improvement has a further benefit of increased head rotation and thus enhanced cutting performance. Proulx also states that research has identified that this level of improvement improves engine efficiency resulting in reduced fuel consumption.

Health and Safety issues are addressed by the reduced vibration of the trimmer as a whole due to the efficient aerodynamic design of the Ultra Quiet.

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