JULY 2005 Press Release


Proulx Mfg launched their new range of patented SWIFT LOAD trimmer heads for the petrol brush cutter market for distribution in 2005.

Based upon the two leading high speed grass cutting heads from Proulx Mfg, the SWIFT LOAD Universal Manual and Semi Matic heads offer a new concept in head design.

Tests carried out have found that the SWIFT LOAD can be rewound in about 45 seconds, which is generally accepted to be at least a third of the time taken by experienced operators.

The whole task can be done without splitting the head, avoiding the usual time-consuming task of reassembling the head and the chance of loosing internal parts. In addition the SWIFT LOAD design improves the indexing of the line due to the integrated ratchet feature used to wind the line onto the spool. This also prevents line weld within the spool.

Available for left hand rotation brush cutters the SWIFT LOAD UN60 bump head and the UN61 manual head will accept 2.0mm to 3.0mm round line.

Proulx Manufacturing Inc is the leading independent manufacturer of nylon grass cutting heads for petrol and gas trimmer and brush cutters selling to 90% of all OEM's.

The company manufactures a wide range of nylon grass cutting heads to suit all
types of trimmer and brush cutters. Proulx Manufacturing has over 30 years of patented designs and manufacturing experience

Since the early 1970’s Proulx have supplied more than 66% of trimmer and brush cutter heads to the world wide market.

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