JULY 2008 Press Release

UN70 Series “SWIFT LOAD - NEVER SPLIT” Nylon heads for Brush Cutters and Trimmers.

Proulx Mfg Inc launches innovative range of brush cutting heads.

The UN70 series from Proulx enables the user to remove line from the spool WITHOUT splitting the head at all!

In addition the nylon line can be loaded onto the spool in 3 different ways. Quick. Simple. Easy.

1. LINE Removal – pull line from bump / tap head.



2. x 3 options to load line onto spool.

(a) Push line through knob.


(b) Push both lines through knob



(c) Push line through eyelet



3. Rotate knob to wind line onto spool

A dual spool enables a clean and easy indexing of line.

Richard Proulx, President of Proulx Mfg Inc states “The UN70 series changes the way nylon heads can be used. The head can have the nylon line removed and loaded without the need to split the unit. It is good for OEM’s, distributors and the end user alike”

Jonathan Marland, Managing Director of GlobeMall Ltd, Proulx’s export office says: “This unique head sums up Proulx’s pedigree within the industry. 35 years of high quality manufacturing and design. An innovative range of heads to suit most brush cutters”

Proulx Manufacturing Inc is the leading independent manufacturer of nylon grass cutting heads for petrol and gas trimmer and brush cutters selling to 90% of all OEM's.

Proulx manufactures a wide range of nylon grass cutting heads to suit all types of trimmer and brush cutters.
Since the early 1970’s Proulx have supplied more than 66% of trimmer and brush cutter heads to the world wide market.

Export Office:
GlobeMall Ltd
Email: proulx@globemall.co.uk
Contact: Jonathan Marland

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