Proulx Cutting Heads

UN34 2 line Bump and Cut Head

The UN34 is a robust and versatile nylon head which has been tested, approved and supplied to many OEM's around the world.

Designed for the smaller to medium powered brush cutter and offering all the advantages of the proven bump feed mechanism from Proulx Mfg.

Simple and proven bump-feed mechanism for the correct indexing the line

Secure twist mechanism enabling access to internal spool for the renewal of monofilament line

Overhang on sides of head protects eyelet area, and gives the monofilament a sheltering area if user cuts too close to solid object.

Moulded struts on top of the head re-enforces the housing and also helps to inhibit weed wrap.

Easily replaceable eyelets


- Head type Semi-automatic simple bump feed
- Cutting line Supplied with 6 metres of 2.0mm professional quality round line
- Head diameter 113mm
- Head weight 230gms
- Bolt type UA (Aluminium)
- Eyelets Aluminium

Packaging: Bulk delivery, clamshell with branded header cards, polythene bag with branded header card or cardboard box. Head available with or without adapter bolt.



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