Proulx Cutting Heads

UN45 The UN45 Fixed Line Head

A very robust and versatile heavy duty nylon grass cutting head. OEM approved.

The design features of the fixed line head allow for easy installation of the line.

No special fixing tool is required.

The overhang on sides of head protects eyelet area, and gives the monofilament grass cutting line a sheltering area if user cuts too close to solid object.

Easily replaceable aluminium eyelets - dissipates any heat build up from friction within the nylon line

Available is selection of packagingSpecifications:- Head type: Fixed Line - using patented 'push and pull' mechanism. No special tools required.



- Cutting line Supplied with 8" strips of line and bundle of 12 strips.
- Head diameter 1230 mm
- Head weight 180 grams
- Universal fitting, can fit any type of brush cutter
- Max line diameter 4.0mm
- Eyelets: Aluminium


Bulk delivery, clamshell with branded header cards, poly bag with branded header card



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